Our initial fixed charge is Indian Rupees 15,000/= (to be transferred to a designated bank account). This will cover the initial legal advice as well as issuance of needed Legal Notice. After receipt of the legal notice, followed by other legal tactics, if the other side agrees to give your share then we will be entitled for 1% success fee of the total amount to be received by you. But if the other side doesn’t not agree then we will have to take them to court and the following procedure will need to be initiated.

•   Usual document preparation charges for submission in the court will be approx. Rs. 25,000.
•   The court requires that a Court fee be paid before the case starts. This Court fee is approximately 1% of the total claimed amount. This amount is non- refundable and it will need to be deposited in the court.
•   We will do our best to legally reduce the court fees as much as we can.
•   Then the "Court Date Hearing attendance charges" will be Rs.5,000 per date.
•   There are usually about 24 hearings before the judge gives his/her judgment. One hearing/month.
•   In this scenario, we will be entitled to a 2% Success Fee of the total amount the court awards you.

Co-operative Housing Society Formation

For Co-operative Housing Society formation, we offer the following fixed-price packages:

Full package

This includes:

  • Full legal consultancy + guidance until society formation.
  • Application file compilation for initial Registration procedure.
  • Legal Notice formation for non-responding entities.


Rs. 5,000 / member

Partial package

This includes:

  • Legal consultancy + guidance until society formation.


Rs. 2,000 / member

Terms and conditions:

  • Full package is only offered for the following regions:
    • Panvel
    • Thane
    • surrounding areas
  • For both packages, client will need to arrange the required documents, not limited to:
    • 7/12 extrac (sat bara)
    • ...etc.


Other services

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