Where can we file a complaint against Talathi of Kadav village Taluka Karjat Dist Raigad? The Talathi is unnecessarily harassing farmers for latest 7/12 extracts and also for Ferfar utara? -- S. P. Pradhan, Kadav-Karjat

Talathi is the lowest officers of Revenue Dept. You can complaint to his immediate superior officer called Circle or to the Tahsidar of Karjat. You can send your complaint by Registered post to the Tahsildar of Karjat and CC it to the Collector of Raigad Dist in Alibag.

Further, as per latest initiatives of Govt of Maharashtra, through an E-complaint portal, you can visit the following weblink to register your online complaint directly to the Raigad District Collector:


Finally you can reach a local lawyer to take legal action.

Ibrahim Deshmukh
Legal Consultant
[email protected]