I have booked a flat in greater Noida in 2012 january, they have provided only Letter of allotment in Jan 13 with Terms and conditon. But they have not given us Builder buyer agreement , i am keep on asking my builder buyer agreement wrote so many Emails they are saying letter of allotment is builder buyer agreement. I have made 100% of payment , they are ready to give possession as well.Can you suggest what is significance of builder buyer agreement here as well as any issue if we dont have BBagreement is registry of flat can be possible without Builder buyer agreement?

Appreciated your help on this.

Letter of Allotment and its terms and conditions is an initial contract between you and your builder, but does not guarantee a safety for you as a buyer at all. After Letter of Allotment, you should have insisted for the “Agreement to Sale” and you should have insisted for its registration. Now since you have you have already released 100% payment, you have to insist for “Sale Deed of your Flat” One needs to study terms of Letter of Allotment and the schedule of payment mentioned therein. Hope your builder is ready to give you possession and ready to sign and register the Sale Deed.

Ibrahim Deshmukh
Legal Consultant
[email protected]