Sir, I would like to know about the Deemed Conveyance for our Cooperative Housing Societies (CHS), which is in New Mumbai, can we proceed with the procedure of applying to competent authority? Is the policy of Maharashtra Govt implemented for Deemed conveyance or we need to wait till its officially announced by Govt? Fayyaz, Navi Mumbai

In majority of cases, the ownership of the land is still in the name of either the land owner and/or developer and for transfer of flat to the new buyers the owner/developer have developed a habit of asking extra money, although they have sold the flat on ownership basis.

Therefore, Maharashtra Govt has already decided to amend section 11 (3) of the Maharashtra Flat Ownership Act, 1963 to provide for deemed conveyance of societies, perhaps in the coming assembly session it will be taken care.

In the meantime you may proceed with your procedural requirements for the Deemed Conveyance certificate with your local area Dy Register of CHS. All the best.

Ibrahim Deshmukh
Legal Consultant
[email protected]